Think Positive! Re-Program Your Mind to Create Massive Change in Your Life

The Secret They Didn't Tell You In "The Secret"

Positive Thinking: The Absolute Key to Changing Your Life

Manifesting..... Cosmic Ordering..... The Law of Attraction.....

These are probably the hottest buzzwords in self-improvement right now. Maybe the hottest on the Internet. And there are countless experts trying to sell you programs or give you advice (usually the free advice is a hook to get you to buy THEIR program) to help you use the Law of Attraction to Manifest the life you dream about.

If you saw the blockbuster film "The Secret" you watched and heard some very up-beat, encouraging "gurus" telling you about how ANYONE can make all this happen, how you can enjoy a life you've only dreamed of. Great stuff!


Did they REALLY tell you ALL the secrets? Did they leave out something important? So important that without it you won't have any success manifesting the life you want? Something that, unless you already have it, you won't ever even believe in Manifesting or be able to use The Law of Attraction to your advantage? 

I think so. 

In fact, in ALL the information or programs I've seen or heard about Manifesting or the Law of Attraction, not once have I seen it mentioned that if positive thinking isn't your normal way of seeing things, the Law of Attraction won't bring you all that abundance they talk about. In fact, if negative thinking is your habit, if your perspective is less than rosy, the Law of Attraction will actually bring you the life you DON'T want.

What you focus on determines what you attract into your life. 

Let me give you a little personal observation to illustrate what I'm saying:

I have known several people who are a "victims" in their minds. Everything is someone else's fault and all kinds of bad things happen to them. They focus and dwell on the problems, not even seeing the solutions. So, not only are they victims IN their own minds, they're actually victims OF their own minds. 

Because these people feel that everyone else is the cause of their problems, they're giving everyone else power over their lives; if others control their lives, only those other people can do anything to improve them. And that's not too likely to happen since they're more interested in THEIR lives. If someone were to try to help them, would they accept it? Maybe not.

I have personally learned so much about myself by observing these people and their frustrations! They clearly illustrate how our perspective determines our happiness and success and this has had a major role in my decision to do what it takes to attract into my life the things I really want.

It's not a black and white issue. 

I want to make one thing clear: negative thinking and positive thinking is NOT a black and white issue. Very few people are all one way and never the other - we all have moments or days when life looks good and times when it looks lousy. It's more like a sliding scale and most of us spend most of our time somewhere between the extremes. Meaning there's room for improvement! 

The person who finds him or herself toward the left end of this scale is not going to have a happy, fulfilling life, they're only going to continue having problems. This, of course, just serves to reinforce their negative thinking. By the time this poor soul gets old, the self-perpetuating negativity will not only make him or her miserable, no one will want to spend much time with them and they're likely to become something of a hermit, socially. AND probably blame everyone else for their loneliness. 

The person in the middle has faith that things will work out fine, without his/her interference or much effort. Not a bad place to be if you're satisfied with your life or you inherited a lot of money and hope to live comfortably until the end. But if you want to improve your life, if you want to manifest any type of abundance into your life, this isn't where you want to be on the scale. Hope is not a strategy for change.

The people living on or near the right end of the above scale stand an excellent chance of attracting the kind of things they truly want into their lives. THESE are the "anyone" they talk about in "The Secret" and other programs about Manifesting and The Law of Attraction.

The more you live a life driven by positive thinking, the more success you will have in affecting positive change in your life.

Our perspectives - how we see ourselves, our lives and the world around us - are deeply ingrained in our unconscious minds beginning in the first days, weeks and years of our lives. Negative or positive thinking is a learned skill that we didn't choose to learn. We learn from our parents, our schools, peers, employers and finally, once it's been ingrained, from ourselves. Every experience is filtered - perceived -  through the perspective we already have and that perception then reinforces our perspective. This explains the above reference to the old hermit, if you think about it.

When I was younger there was a popular expression about some people "seeing the world through rose-colored glasses" and the connotation was negative. Like seeing life and the world in a positive - or rosy - light was a bad thing. The thinking was the person we were talking about was totally unrealistic in their outlook. Now I wonder how many of those people got rich? How many went on to enjoy comfortable lives and retirements? While those of us with more "realistic" outlooks went on to spend the best years of our lives working and struggling, envious of the people we criticized for being positive.

So, how do we go about changing our ingrained way of thinking?

Like the title of of this website says:

Re-Program Your Mind to Create Massive Change in Your Life

Think of your mind like a computer: Your unconscious mind is the hard drive where everything is stored and your perspective (or "paradigm" as Steven Covey called it in his best seller, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People") is your operating system. If you want to change your OS you need to re-program your computer/mind. Upgrade your operating system.

There are numerous tools available for accomplishing this, some very effective, some less effective. Some will work better for one person, while others work better for someone else. In some cases, the effectiveness will depend upon how far to the left in the above scale you find yourself. 

Although most of these programs are designed for a particular area of life you'd like to work on - self-confidence, weight loss, manifesting abundance, etc. - rest assured they're all based on positive thinking. In other words, all the affirmations used will help to change your overall perspective as they plant specific thoughts into your unconscious mind.

Following is a partial list of inexpensive tools you can use - all of which I have personally tried or used -  in the privacy or your own home, with pros and cons of each:


Repeating affirmations to yourself to convince yourself that you are more positive or capable of more or a better life. This is the longest-used re-programming tool and some people still prefer it.

Inexpensive, often actually free and can be found easily on the web.

Probably won't work for you if you're on the negative side of the scale. Because they require the use of your conscious mind, you might read them and disagree with them or filter them out as being unrealistic for you. They also require dedicating time, concentration and effort.


Found in downloadable audio or on tape or CD, either stock or customized for you, these programs attempt to put you into a trance-like state and thereby connect directly with your sub-conscious mind, bypassing possible filtering or interpretation by your conscious.

Can be very effective, well-known as popular tools for things like quitting smoking or losing weight. A good side benefit is they take you into an extremely relaxed state and take your mind off anything that's been occupying it. Very inexpensive and widely available.

Require you to dedicate time to use them, in a quiet environment free of any distractions. Not all self-hypnosis products are created equal, some are of poor enough quality they won't even induce a trance-like state. Others may relax you to the point of dozing off, making them ineffective. (I've had personal experience with both of these shortcomings.)

For the best self-hypnosis programs I've used, visit Instant-Hypnosis Downloads

Subliminal Programs

Subliminal products and programs today come in three primary forms: text messages popping up on your computer screen, audible messages and inaudible messages. Like the self-hypnosis programs, the theory behind subliminal messaging is to bypass the conscious mind and introduce affirmations directly  to the subconscious. Because there are the three types of subliminal programs, we're going to break this down further.

Affirmations Popping Up On Your Screen

This type of program is similar in theory to reading affirmations but they effectively remove the ability to consciously filter or disagree with them. The messages by default pop up momentarily in random locations on the screen; they're there and gone so fast you can't consciously read them but the subconscious catches them.

If you spend a lot of time using your computer these are good. Obviously, the more time you spend at your computer, the more repetition you get and the more effective they will be.

If you have an older computer these could cause problems; it's a program running constantly. Otherwise, I can't think of any bad points.

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Audible Messages

These are recorded affirmations you can hear, either with or without background music. Again, the same theory as reading them, but requiring no concentration or conscious effort. Through repetition, your unconscious starts to believe them. Through personal experience, these work best if you keep the volume below the threshold of actually listening to them, to keep you from consciously filtering them as unrealistic for you.

Are to be used while you're doing and concentrating on something else, so they don't require dedicating any time to them. Can also be used while you sleep.

If you're a bit "OCD" like some of us, audible affirmations can be a little distracting, like someone talking to you while you're trying to concentrate on something else. But again, if you take my suggestion and keep the volume very low, it's not  a problem.

Check out The Ultimate Self-Talk Series for more on audible messages.

Inaudible Messages

In these programs, you'll usually hear relaxing or pleasing music or nature sounds (my personal favorite) but you won't hear the affirmations. They're at least mostly (if not completely) masked by the sound track you do hear. However, your sub-conscious will pick them up, meaning they bypass your conscious mind and its objections altogether. And some of them go further, using the latest brain wave technologies, such as binaural beats, to get your brain into the correct state and assure maximum absorption of the messages.

These require no concentration whatsoever and can be used while you're doing other things. Some are designed to work while you fall asleep and when you're sleeping. I like to put them on repeat or "loop" and play them all night. Of course, you wouldn't want to use this type while driving.

I can't think of any, other than just like with any re-programming product, you need to remember to use it, use it and use it some more if you want it to work.

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I sincerely wish you the best of fortune in your quest for Life Improvement!

Owen Johnson 



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